Mission Statement

We are a student-college partnership organization that receives support and advice from Student Affairs. We provide support and information for survivors of sexual assault in the Scripps and greater Claremont Colleges communities. We believe the survivor is the expert on their own experience, and we therefore focus on intersectional, trauma-informed care. Related to our support services is a commitment to educating the Claremont Colleges community about issues surrounding sexual assault.

Who are the Advocates?

  • The Advocates are a group of 17-25 students. All Advocates, except the Programming Team Leads provide support on the phone for survivors.  Some Advocates may choose, in addition to providing support through the phone line, to help the Programming Team Leads plan events for the community.

Confidentiality Policy

  • As members of an extremely small college, Advocates are especially aware of the need for complete confidentiality when working to support their peers. At the beginning of each semester, every Advocate fills out a confidentiality form, which ensures confidentiality amongst Advocates regarding names and identifying characteristics provided by callers on the support line. This enables Advocates to obtain help and support from each other with their calls without violating the trust of survivors.
  • Advocates are not legally obligated to report incidences of sexual assault (and other incidents specified in the Clery Act) to the Advocates advisor for the purposes of the Clery Report. Advocates will maintain confidentiality within the group and with the Advocates advisor, excepting instances in which:
    • The survivor is at risk of harming themselves or others
    • The survivor is under the age of eighteen
    • The perpetrator is currently moving about campus with the possibility of harming others
  • In these circumstances, Advocates will be obligated to notify a Scripps on-call Dean and/or Campus Safety.